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Congratulations to Nick Tepper.

Uniting is pleased to announce the winner of IdeasGen - Nick Tepper.

Nick’s winning idea is to connect school students in regional areas who are thinking about leaving school early, with mentors who made the decision to complete school when faced with similar challenges. Universities will be encouraged to award credit points for participation in the program – recognising the value in learning from others. See Nick's idea below.

Nick has won a trip to the USA. Uniting will look at future plans to bring this Idea to life to help light a brighter path for teenagers in Australia.

We wish Nick all the best on his USA adventure. Make sure you follow the Uniting Facebook page for all updates on future IdeasGen initiatives.

We want to thank everyone who got involved and submitted an idea, we had some great ideas come through highlighting this important issue.

Thanks for visiting Uniting IdeasGen.