About IdeasGen

While Australia is known as a land of opportunity, statistics show that one in four teenagers will not complete high school – often due to social and financial challenges at home.

To help break this cycle, Uniting is launching IdeasGen, an initiative inviting Year 10 -12 students and University students to submit ideas that will inspire their generation to continue their education.

At Uniting, we believe that we can make a difference.

Introducing IdeasGen

IdeasGen is an initiative that invites students to submit their bright idea that will motivate teenagers who are facing challenges, to stay in school. Whether it’s an app, a video, a game, a mentor…it will be an idea that switches on a young mind, sparks the desire to finish Year 12 and lights their path for the future.

We want your idea

What’s your bright idea that will motivate teenagers in Australia to stay in school and finish Year 12?

We’re asking applicants to film themselves giving a short pitch for their idea and upload their submission. These will be available for public viewing over the voting period.

You could win

The most effective, creative and achievable idea with the potential to inspire long term change, will win. Its idea generator will be jetting off to the USA.

Have a question?

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